Bella Rosins




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Throughout the performing career, I was able to collect and experiment different rosins out in the market which led me to develop a type of rosin that holds such attributes I thought was more important for both solo and orchestra performance when applied to bows I use for major performance. 

Bella Rosin is highly concentrated and therefore easy to apply to your bow. This goes for violin, viola and cello bows. *You do not need more than 2-4 long swipes from frog to tip. Do not hesitate to use it on any hair, old or new, as it might be quite fun to compare the before and after application. 

In most cases, the volume would be amplified to a certain extent, as well as the crisp clarity of the tone and the articulation one draws no matter legato or spiccato.

Bella Rosins are now being used in New York Phil, New Jersey Symphony, Chicago Symphony, Philadelphia Orchestra, MET Opera, City Ballet, Marlboro Musicians, Broadway, Seoul Philharmonic, Hong Kong Philharmonic and they will be coming to your area very soon. 

In closing, I would like to thank you for your support and hopefully you could start bragging about your new discovery and toy.

Enjoy making music !!!


Dr. Daeil Yang
D.M.A. cello