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“REJUVENATE your bow hair !!!”

“Ultra Fine Rosins to be shared among violin, viola and cello !!!”

Many professionals DO NOT know the importance of “rosining.” the teeth on the bow hair wears out with every stroke and without rosin, it wears out even faster. Rosin doesn’t just make the hair stick to the strings, but at the same time it protects the hair as you use it on daily basis, therefore extending the lifespan of your hair :)

After 20 years of collecting and experimenting with different types of rosins, Bella Rosins was founded in 2016. Bella Rosin is a result of many different approaches in search of tonal quality, clarity and projection, with the least amount of effort. They are currently being used by many soloists, educators and prestigious symphonies such as N.Y. Philharmonic, Philadelphia Orchestra, Chicago Symphony, L.A. Philharmonic, Metropolitan Opera, Boston Symphony and Broadway musicians, to name a few.

Bella Rosin is made to be shared by violin, viola and cello. Each of our models is extremely easy to use, as you will notice at the very first application on your bow hair. In most cases, the volume would be amplified to a certain extent, as well as the crisp clarity of the tone and the articulation one draws no matter legato or spiccato. TRY APPLYING 3-4 GENTLE SWIPES on your first try. If need be, apply a little more. If you see rosin dust when you draw your first down bow, you’ve applied too much !!!

Enjoy making music !!!


Dr. Daeil Yang
Founder of Bella Rosins