Bella Rosins
The most AFFORDABLE but POWERFUL upgrade for your instrument !!!


Über mini

Über mini



  • ROUND (3cm x 1.5cm)

Gold - warmer, deeper tone, recommended for first time users, ideal for important recitals; solo, chamber and orchestra.

Dark - bigger/broader projection recommended for instruments that need extra projection, crisp spiccato, ideal for solo recitals for the bigger venue, solo with orchestra.



HC(high concentration) - discontinued enhances projection. if you feel that you could use the extra kick and if your instrument is super sensitive to the weather, this might just do it*(limited production)-will be discontinued.

über (super gold) - upgraded version of the “gold” model, for even more focused tone, while keeping the warmth and the flexibility*(limited production)

(for the best result, please clean the opening with Q tip and rubbing alcohol for minor rosin dust)


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